Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New look for Suzuki

One of the things I do on the side is support the Bismarck Suzuki School of Music by doing stuff on their web site.

When I inherited it, it was a static website. It meant that updating content was time consuming and, quite honestly, I would have made it look a lot worse.

So I installed Wordpress. It made adding content a lot simpler. Last summer Cheryl, the president of the school, spent hours putting up lots of content. It means that she does not need to know any HTML to add all this content.

When I originally set it up, I used roughly the same style as the previous site. Now I have a new theme up there. It was designed by my brother, and then Douglas Tschetter was kind enough to turn it in to a theme for me.

I think it looks pretty good. So thanks Ade and Doug.

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