Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Feed Changed

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Other Stuff

A lot of stuff has happened, so here is a quick update:

all the paperwork for my US immigration has now been sent to the US Embassy in London. I have had my medical too. That means all we can do now is wait for an interview date.

We have nad some decorating done in the house. We got the bathroom repapered, and we finally got our bedroom painted. The guy who did our bedroom also painted the doors upstairs. He put right the mess I made of them a couple of years ago. The fumes that night were pretty bad, so we all camped out on the living room floor that night.

Dan has been a busy boy stting up tow blogs - this one about his family, and this one about him, and so far, his go-kart. Still waiting for Macanthony to do something with his slice of web that he got a month ago.

Kim and Balint are coming back to Edinburgh for a week in January. It will be good to see them.


Today is the day of the week when they come and empty the bins. Usually, after Christmas, they are all stuffed full. Well, this year our bin was not. One of the advantages of having a full set of recycling bins right next to where we park our car is that recycling is no bother at all. So, all of our Christmas wrapping paper, and packaging from the kids toys, etc went into the recycling bins.

We put out our wheelie bin last night - half full. We only throw out waste food and disposable nappies. We then discovered this morning that our neighbours had filled our bin up for us. So now it was standing there with its lid up at a jaunty angle - just like everyone else. Now, what was the stuff that was filling our bin? It was black bags full of cardboard and glass bottles - all of which could easily have gone into the recycling bins. All they had to do was walk another ten paces.